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In 2004 I published my first book "The Meaning of Life - A Fresh Perspective". I wrote this book to provide a sound rationale and a clear logical basis for faith in Jesus Christ. Whilst specifically targeted toward those who do not know or believe in Jesus, the book also has much to add to any believer's knowledge of the things of God.

Through the next five years God enlightened me to a clearer understanding of His new covenant and kingdom purposes. The result of this revolutionary insight is embodied in my second book "New Millennium Reformation".

Both books reflect a radical stance. Jesus Christ did not come to set up a new religion and much of what is portrayed through the religion of Christianity is counterproductive both to making disciples of Jesus Christ and allowing Him to build His church.

While much of what is written in both books is familiar to anyone conversant with the Holy Bible, the interpretation of Jesus message and purpose is revealed in a way that is as yet, so unfamiliar.

Christianity's failure stems from its perpetuation of obsolete old covenant practice. Centuries of man's manipulation of what Jesus intended has created an institution fragmented and fractured. Healing and restoration is well overdue - indeed it is time again for reformation.

Selected chapters of both books are accessible on this web-site and each book is soon to be made available complete in e-book form.

If you are interested in a hard copy of either book, please contact me via the e-mail link.

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