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Author Grant Bowater, originally from the provincial city of Palmerston North, New Zealand, spent nearly ten years immediately prior to writing this book, living in the beautiful seaside township of Ohope, in the Bay of Plenty. He frequently challenges the status quo, never content with tradition and always seeking to find an experience of truth in Christ that is reflected in the experience of the believers in scripture. His first book, "The Meaning of Life - A Fresh Perspective" was a result of his questioning of our traditions, and his concern at the evidences where the experience of modern day believers failed to match the teachings of Christ and His apostles. This same concern has also led to this book.

Grant also has a track record of implementing new concepts in situations where there is a need for innovation. Early in his career he worked as an architectural designer during which time he designed and built a unique and innovative reinforced concrete shell home. Moving into teaching he taught graphics, design, and technology to high school students and at the same time was instrumental in the leadership of a group of Christians to establish what has become his home-town's foremost Christian school.

In addition, Grant had a pioneering input into national politics, working with fellow Christians to achieve Christian representation in parliament for a two term electoral period. He more recently initiated and managed the construction of a multi-million dollar, 31 apartment building project, in Ohope, where he and his wife lived for a period following its construction, managing the complex. Since the apartment venture, Grant has returned to teaching. At the time of the publication of this book, he remains secondary teaching in the Waikato city of Hamilton. He is married to Carolyn with four adult children.

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